NICOLE'S REVIEW: In the End by Demetria Lunetta

In the End - Demitria Lunetta

After escaping New Hope, it's back to the good old days for Amy; surviving on her own with nothing more but the weapons on her back and her wits about her. That is until the tiny earpiece in her ear crackles with the voice of her former teammate warning about the dangers Baby is about to face. Baby is Amy's whole life and knowing that her only chance to save Baby is in Fort Black, Amy is willing to do whatever it takes to save her.

The second book starts with Amy wandering the wastelands alone going stir crazy. She has no one to talk to and it's driving her mad, until Kay sends her off to Fort Black in search of her brother Ken who just might be able to rescue Baby from the evil Dr Reynolds hands. 

Lunetta does a fair enough job of describing to readers the setting in Fort Black. It's a prison filled to the brim by criminals and ruled over by men who think women should be claimed. If a girl isn't claimed it's a free-for-all for all the smarmy bastards who live there. The stink of desperation and starvation permeates the prison and it's not a fun place to be in.

So remember Rice from In the After? Yeah. Barely. Apparently there's a love triangle going in this book. Amy reaches Fort Black and the cute guy who's around her age with tattoos on his body instantly latches onto her and 'claims' her. Which is good for her because he's nephew of the prison Warden which means he has status and a modicum of protection in Fort Black.

I wasn't a fan of Amy in this book. I get that she's all macho and she can kick Florae butt and the thought of being 'claimed' by a man irks her to no end but come on! She's in a prison run by men whose morals are shaky at best, the least she can do is play along and pretend to be a claimed woman and not do stupid things that endanger herself and Jacks and put a kink in all her plans. Amy obviously doesn't know how to play it smart, all the drugs given to her in New Hope must have fried her brain. I know it chafes sister, but suck it up. I also hated how Amy could not resist diving headfirst into trouble without thinking things through. There's reckless and then there's Amy who is just plain stupid sometimes. 

I won't elaborate but the ending was kind of rushed. Sure we kind of figured out the Floraes and what in the world they are and all but the ending was kind of...for lack of a better word YOLO. Yes, I went there. Amy does her rushing into things, people get killed, people get saved and voila. She also makes a choice between the two boys pining after her and I approve. There is hope yet for the human race.