NICOLE'S REVIEW: Renegade by Debra Driza

Renegade - Debra Driza

On the run from General Holland and the Vita Obscura, Mila has somehow managed to rope Hunter into her plans under the guise of looking for her real father - with nothing but the name "Richard Grady" to lead the way. Along the way, Mila unveils secrets related to her creation, her real parents and she also has to deal with the sneaking suspicion that Hunter isn't exactly who he seems.

Now for this baby, the first half is actually rather disappointing. It's basically about Mila and Hunter on the run. Mila's all confused and stressed out about telling Hunter that she isn't a normal girl. She's actually not human at all, she's an android with programmed emotions.  I actually spent a lot of time imagining myself shaking Mila and telling her to just spit it out because I couldn't take her indecision. I get that it's a big decision and she just wants to have someone to talk to for a while longer but seriously, her life was in danger and she could only think about her loneliness? What about your life? And where's the action I was promised?

Mila and Hunter's relationship take up a lot of the second book and it was quite annoying because I wanted Mila to use her android powers and kick some butt. I wanted Mila to just tell Hunter the truth about herself and go find out her origin story. I didn't want them to be on a seemingly endless road trip acting like nothing's going to come after them and disrupt their seemingly perfect calm. I want to know why the Vita Obscura's out for her and I really want to see her beat the crap out of her twin.

Suffice to say it was quite tiring to read this book and it was only around the second half or rather the last third of the book where things started to pick up. There were a few action scenes and those secrets that her mother kept were all aired out now. Mila also makes a really life changing decision that will definitely affect the tone of the next book. 

But the way this book ended does make me want to pick up the third book. Because after Mila's big decision, what's going to happen to her and Hunter's relationship? What of the Vita Obscura and Holland? You know. Things like that.