NICOLE'S REVIEW: Acid by Emma Pass

ACID - Emma Pass

I have been waiting for this book since forever and you guys cannot imagine my excitement when the local bookstores started stocking this bad boy. It involved a little squealing followed by shrieking and fist pumps everywhere because FINALLY. 

So I have to admit, ACID isn't exactly what I expected. I mean it's a good book - fast paced, action-packed and reads like a movie. I had to shave off half a star because some things were just a little too far fetched and hard to believe.

ACID locked Jenna up in prison for the murder of her parents; a crime she struggles to remember. She's accepted her fate - endless days of prison duties and staying under the radar, away from groping hands and prying eyes, seeing as how she's the only girl in a prison full of convicts. But when a rebel group breaks her out, she's thrown for a loop and contending with things she doesn't really understand. Why her?

Jenna is strong character. She's a little brash and act-first-think-later but she's tough and she's got what it takes to survive out on the streets. Her life in prison ensured that she had an idea of how to take care of herself, how to fight and survive. Max, the poor boy she was unwittingly saddled with, is a good guy. He's different from other YA male love interests - he's more real, less domineering, he's not your knight in shining armor. He was more of the damsel in distress and it's refreshing to read books wherein the female heroine is actually more alpha than her intended. 

Like any typical dystopia, ACID has all the elements - oppressed society, power-hungry government and just a little hint of rebellion. It still is by far better than all the other dystopian books I've read this year. 

Looking for your next action-packed dystopia? Go no further. ACID is highly entertaining and reads like a movie with a little romance to boot. An added plus is that it seems to be a standalone despite the ending being a little open ended.