MICHELLE'S REVIEW: Til Death by Kate Evangelista

Til Death (Fractured Souls #1) - Kate Evangelista

When Selena Fallon meets the new kid in town, sparks fly. Literally. Like it's not freaky enough that she has visions of the future, oh no. Selena has the good fortune to meet snarky Dillan Sloan, who kind of instantly hates her as soon as they've met. Maybe it's the fact that he's been demoted because of a mission gone wrong, or maybe because Selena is the one complication he didn't count on.

Selena can see visions, and they usually come true. And what's freakier is that she has visions of her own death. Dillan is sullen with being demoted, and he's taking it out by being a jerk to almost everybody, most especially to his all-powerful uncle whom he always flips out on (I don't get it.  Just... why, Dillan, WHY?) and to Selena, just because she was the only one in class who had a seat next to her unfortunately unoccupied. The most interesting character was Sebastian the hellhound... because he's a hellhound and he obviously has amazing super powers. Dillan's uncle Rainer, an all-powerful guy, is also pretty interesting, especially when he dislocates Dillan's fingers (because really, he's a huge jerk to his uncle).

Til Death is actually pretty okay. Despite it being forgettable since it doesn't have the most original plot (I have given up counting books touting the words "new kid in school", "instant chemistry", "unknown super powers" etc.) you could do worse than with this one. Actually, I'm having a hard time writing this review because I keep confusing the details with Bree Despain's upcoming novel, The Shadow Prince, which I've also already read. I like the fact that the romance aspect in Til Death wasn't rushed nor did it feel forced, and instead came off with someone slowly turning on the heat, and that the romance didn't overpower the supernatural aspect of this book. While some scenarios may come across as ludicrous - like how other reviewers pointed out what with Selena fighting off zombie-like creatures instead of running from them, and the fact that surprise, surprise, the hellhound has very convenient powers in case anyone should die, just saying - you could do worse than this book. While sometimes predictable and ho-hum, it does have its moments, albeit few and too spaced out for me to fully recall.

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