NICOLE'S REVIEW: Erased by Jennifer Rush

Erased - Jennifer Rush

It's basically a book that ties up all those loose ends in Altered with the addition of a few surprise characters here and there.

Anna and the boys are on the run with the Branch after them. Everything's fine until Anna gets these flashbacks and intense head pains which obviously signify that something's not right. Not when it's obvious that her memories have been taken. Then a figure from her past pops up - someone she never expected - and she's wondering if it's all part of the Branch's plan to set them up.

Now all Anna has to do is figure out why her memories were erased in the first place and try to get them back all the while figuring out how deep her family is in the Branch operations. Sounds easy enough, right? Right. 

In Erased I love how we get to glimpse another side to Nick, yeah he's brash and a little uncouth but I love him all the same. He's got ties to Anna's past and he harbors a whole lot of guilt over what happened. All the boys are still basically the same, seeing as how Erased happens right after Altered. Their group dynamic might be a little off though ever since what happened with Trev. I actually found myself missing him.

Now I can't exactly say much about this book because spoilers right? But I want to say that I wasn't super sold on it's ending. It was too quick, and was wrapped up to nicely that I have a whole lot of doubts about it. I mean, it can't be that easy right? The end to all of Anna's problems was basically handed to her on a silver platter. 

Makes me wonder what Rush is going to write about in Reborn, and don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to it it's just, after the way this ended? Yeah. I'm not sure what to think.