MICHELLE'S REVIEW: The Almost Girl by Amalie Howard

The Almost Girl - Amalie Howard

Prince Cale is dying, and the only one who could find his lost brother is seventeen-year-old Riven, a high-ranked officer of the army. She could take anyone down with a blink of an eye, but what she's not ready for is meeting Caden. Caden whose green eyes throw her off. Caden who doesn't know a thing about Neospes. Caden who doesn't know he has a twin brother who happens to be a dying prince. But when her plan goes awry, Riven finds out that there's more to the story than anyone's telling her, and it may just cost Caden's life.

For someone who's supposed to be a force to be reckoned with, Riven sure spends a lot of her time unconscious. Maybe it's because her energy depletes when she jumps between the universes, but throughout the book, she's unconscious when things take a turn, so to say.  Also, she's supposedly exceptional at being a general, but what is up with having other people save her butt all the freaking time?! And have I mentioned that she is not in the least bit cautious at all? When faced with other teenagers, she brings out the scowls and the attitude. When faced with dangerous missions? Oh yeah, she feels that it is exactly the right time to make out with the dude anywhere, weapons and death and Neospes be damned. 

That's not the only thing I was unhappy about.

Riven and Caden have no chemistry whatsoever, and it came across as random and boring. Caden liked Riven right from the get-go because she "wasn't like the other girls". Despite him having a girlfriend who is the very personification of a valley girl, Caden is very much amused by Riven just because she was different. I wanted to smack him up the head just for that. If he wasn't into his girlfriend, why bother dating her in the first place? Riven is pretty new to all these Earth customs and she doesn't exactly know how to do away with her soldier persona (even if for me, she sucks at it) so I can't really fault her for knowing what to do with Caden's flirtatiousness. 

The plot "twist" wasn't much of a twist, and it actually made the novel come across as a cliched Young Adult Novel, so if you're expecting things to look up, it doesn't. The book actually confuses me because sometimes it's more sci-fi, sometimes more romance-y, that I just wanted to give it a good shake. It's trying to be a lot of things at the same time, so you can just imagine my frustration. 

Disappointingly, The Almost Girl falls victim to the "more talking, less acting" side of the spectrum, despite having an interesting premise.

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