NICOLE'S REVIEW: Split Second by Kasie West

Split Second (Pivot Point #2) - Kasie West

Split Second is the sequel to Pivot Point which I reviewed here. It's actually better if you read that first.

With the way things ended in the first book, it's not surprising that Addie wants a break from it all by spending time away from the Compound with her dad who has situated himself neatly in the Norm world.

It's not all rest and relaxation in the Norm world. Not when Addie meets Trevor - who is so familiar to her but she can't tell where she's seen him before. It also doesn't help that Addie's dad is lying to her and that Laila may have just dropped a bomb on her. You know, about Addie writing about events in a past search and having Laila erase it and asking her to restore it at another date. That bomb. Also don't forget to add to that the meddling Compound agents who have their eye set on Addie and have suspicions of her loyalty to her people.

And that my friends, is where I have to raise an eyebrow. Or two. Because I know the people who run the Compound are crazy paranoid creeps and all but seriously? I'm not going to go into detail to avoid spoilers but the amount of effort they put into stalking each and every person who've left the Compound is totally unbelievable. I get secret societies are crazy and you know, secret, but actually concocting elaborate schemes to determine a person's loyalty? Hah. I don't get why anyone would expend resources and man-power and time to do that. Crazy.

The book also alternates between Laila and Addie's point of views and I did like how their voices were easily distinguishable - Laila is more brash, more flirty while Addie is more timid and a worrier and an all around nice girl. The one problem with alternating POVs is that I feel like I didn't get to spend enough time with both characters which is why Laila's relationship with Connor felt a little....rushed. Eh.

How is this as a sequel to Pivot Point? It's okay, it certainly gives readers a view into how restrictive the Compound is and Addie and Laila have certainly gone through some character growth which is good. I'm just curious though, is this the end of the series? Because there were a lot of things left unresolved like Laila's family and Addie's mom and believe or not I'm kind of curious about what's in store for Duke.

Also I just want to say that Kasie West writes the cutest, fluffiest most adorable contemporary novels ever. Check out her The Distance Between Us (July 2013) which Michelle reviewed HERE and On the Fence (July 2014). Too cute. I cry.