NICOLE'S REVIEW: The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas

The Burning Sky (The Elemental Trilogy) - Sherry Thomas

When Iolanthe Seabourne calls down lightning to fix the precious elixir she created, she obviously doesn't know that her life's going to get oh so very complicated. It's a big mess that involves a Prince, a prophecy, a conspiracy and an all boy's school - because everyone wants a piece of Iolanthe's powers. It pretty much sucks that she was predicted to be the greatest elemental mage of her generation then.

Fair warning to those who're interested in this book, it starts of really slow and kind of strange and weird but be patient because it picks up soon enough. It doesn't hurt that Thomas' has really great characters. 

I just loved how Iolanthe readily admitted that she was afraid and that she'd prefer peace and stability to adventure. She'd rather run from the Prince than help him in his venture but it was also great to see her step up to the task when she realizes that there's a whole lot at stake. She's brave that way. One little thing about Iolanthe is that, for me, she was a bit too perfect. Blending in perfectly in an all boys school so seamlessly with nothing more but a lowering of her voice and the binding of her chest? Right. What? Titus was the same, he's like the ultimate spymaster with his plans and his back-up plans and all his bolt holes hidden wherever. It's like they could do no wrong and sure, they fail but it's pretty much obvious that the win's in their corner.

The world building was also quite confusing. The magical system and the setting were poorly done. It was confusing, to say the least. And I wasn't overly fond of the glossary at the latter part of the book. I don't want to have to have to keep flipping towards the glossary every time there's something that needs explaining. I mean, things like that could have been incorporated into the book right? Right. 


Overall, The Burning Sky is an okay read if you're okay with shabby world-building. The characters do make up for it a bit and maybe the slight romance. Will I get the next book? Definitely. I mean it's not that bad, give it a go.