MICHELLE'S REVIEW: Ghost Flower by Michele Jaffe

Ghost Flower - Michele Jaffe

When Eve is offered a huge sum of money to impersonate the wayward, and most importantly, missing, cousin of two rich teens, she can hardly turn them down, especially when her job at Starbucks is hardly making ends meet. She can probably ignore her conscience, but she can't ignore Liza's ghost who seems intent on helping her to unveil the truth about Liza's death and Aurora's disappearance.


A highly enjoyable thriller, Ghost Flower makes use of a strong female protagonist in Eve who is clever as she is observant. In fact, it is her quick-thinking that threw me into a loop and had me clamoring for more. Eve's grandmother was endearing, if you find snarky old people amusing (which I do, just not my own please). There were some times I ended up lost, but Jaffe is such an entertaining storyteller that I just went with the flow.


The only thing I found quite strange in Ghost Flower was the romantic nature of the ending, which was not only unsatisfying but abrupt as well. Having said that, the three-and-a-half stars I'm giving this novel obviously does not include the final few pages.


I'm keeping this review short on purpose as it is a thriller, and I do not want to unintentionally spoil people. Ghost Flower is recommended for people who want their thrillers with a tiny dash of paranormal activity and mystery.

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