MICHELLE'S REVIEW: The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton

The Faerie Ring - Kiki Hamilton

After finding out that one of her beloved friends is deeply ill, Tiki makes a resolution to steal a ring from the Crown (yes, that Crown), only to find out that the ring is the only thing that keeps the truce intact between the fey and the human world.

Tiki's heart is obviously too big for her. Not only does befriend two orphaned cousins, she also takes in a child who needs medications. If it were any other street children, they would have probably turned a blind eye and wouldn't dare take on technically what can be considered as dead weight. But Tiki, bless her, is very determined to show her friends, and even society, that anyone can have a family. Sure, pickpocketing isn't really a nice thing to do, but she does it Robin Hood style - taking from nasty people, and giving to the poor. I did like how Tiki was her own person and was fiercely loyal to the people who needed trust the most. Rieker, on the other hand, was an enigma. He keeps an eye out for Tiki, and knows what she needs the most at the right time, but he would rather keep to himself. 

I thought that the fey part was nicely done. With the ring out of its safety zone, these creatures were primed to bring harm to anyone who stands in their way. 

While I did find some parts a teeny tiny bit lackluster, I reverted to my amusement with Rieker and Tiki instead. They are both utterly adorable, and while some scenarios should have involved Tiki getting rather concerned for her reputation (because even if she did fall into tough times, she was still bred as an aristocrat and thusly thought that Rieker should have done the thinking for both of them) The Faerie Ring is still quite enjoyable.

The Faerie Ring is deceptively both light and entertaining, and readers will have a nice time breezing through this one easily without noticing the time. 

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