NICOLE'S REVIEW: Sweet Reckoning by Wendy Higgins

Sweet Reckoning - Wendy Higgins

This is it! The final battle. Everything that Anna and Kaidan and the rest of the nephs have gone through and have fought for will culminate in one last epic battle to rid the world of the Dukes. Kai and Anna are pursuing a relationship (FINALLY) after trying to deny their feelings for each other and are biding their, waiting for an opportunity to strike. That is until Pharzuph, Kaidan's dad and the Duke of Lust, uses Kai against Anna. This could be the perfect opportunity to strike or the downfall of all their carefully laid out plans.

The characters have matured. They've ended up with who they wear meant to be with - despite the iffiness of them all getting into relationships with fellow nephs except for Marna of course - and become who they were meant to be. Sure, Kaidan's too perfect (bad boy, rockstar god, sexy, brooding alpha male with a heart of gold?), probably most of the boys and girls in this series are but it's okay. I still love them. I mean yeah they all have their vices because duh they are kids of actual Sins personified but everyone's just so good and kind and nice and why can't we have someone who straddles the line? Someone who'll make me cheer for him and simultaneously hate on him/her? 

(Oh come on, I know how much Kaidan has suffered but somehow I just couldn't FEEL it.)

But anyway, it's the last book so scratch that thought and just enjoy the ride. It's a good book. Entertaining with a plot that, while a bit predictable, still manages to throw in a few surprises here and there. I could just feel the tension build as Anna and her gang waited for the perfect time to serve justice although it was nice of Higgins to give a them a few breaks in between because its hard to find the time to just chill around with family and forget about that axe hanging over everyone's heads.

The final battle was okay, Higgins writes better love scenes than she does action but hey, I'm not complaining. I liked the friendships between the characters and how Anna was always level headed and quite non-judgy which makes her the perfect go-between. The bond she has with her fellow nephs was endearing and I'm pretty sure we all need friendships as strong as that in our lives.

Be warned though, Higgins is not afraid to kill off characters so harden your hearts and watch out for that sickly sweet epilogue. 

Sweet Reckoning is the end to one of those angel trilogies that won't make you barf or induce numerous eye rolls. Read this series. No regrets, and I look forward to the next book this author has up her sleeves.