NICOLE'S REVIEW: Unbreakable by Kami Garcia

Unbreakable - Kami Garcia

Needing my monthly fix of paranormal fiction, I decided to pick Unbreakable up. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, seeing as how I'm not a huge fan of the Beautiful Creatures series. I'll tell you guys now that I actually liked this book despite a few cliches and that awful love triangle, it was a pretty entertaining read.

Strange things happen after Kennedy finds herself traipsing through a graveyard one evening chasing after her runaway cat. Her mother dies due to a paranormal entity and she's thrust into a world she knows nothing about. A world involving demons, ghosts and a secret society known as the Legion of the Black Dove which her mother was a part of. So say the devastatingly handsome twins who appear on her doorstep one night and recruit her to their cause.

Garcia has pretty decent characters. I mean it took me a little while to warm up to Kennedy but she's okay. She's got abandonment issues; her dad left her when she was a little girl and her mother 's gone to the great beyond leaving behind a secret legacy of demon hunting and ghost busting. I'd have issues too if I were in her place.

This little thing I wasn't real fond of was the love triangle. When the summary mentioned "twins" I feared the worst. I mean, just what are the chances of two brothers falling in love with the same girl at the same time? It made the romance aspect of the book seem a little unbelievable.

But what I liked about Unbreakable was its creep factor. I read this at around 3am and I seriously felt like someone had their eyes pinned to my back as I read. Maybe I was being a little paranoid then but still, this book managed to scare me a little. Good job, Unbreakable. It's fast pace and scene after scene of ghostly encounters kept me from getting bored, the lore is quite interesting and I'd like to find out more about this Legion of the Black Dove. 

Unbreakable is pretty straight forward -join the Legion, find the weapon, destroy the demon, save the world. There's a little bit of sleuthing involved but nothing too heavy. Looking for your next paranormal read? Give Unbreakable a shot.